Bob Sedergreen

"Bridgette Allen paid her dues in Sydney’s busy Club Scene in the 60’s. Her training in tap dance, acting and singing coupled with a natural sense of swing made her the perfect choice for a variety of live club residencies. Her life in the USA, bought her in contact with Jazz Royalty, including two of the world’s greatest Jazz Singers, Carmen McRae and Sarah Vaughan. Bridgette learned much observing and studying her two friends. After my first gig with Bridgette I chose her to spearhead Australia’s most radical Jazz group Art Attack. I knew about her extensive TV and Film experience, her hypnotic gesticulation, wonderful pitch and diction and sense of Jazz time as well as the maturity to willingly tackle new material and highly unconventional instrumentation. As a teacher Bridgette is able to articulate and demonstrate multiple techniques relating to the language of lyrics, the communication skills in reaching audiences as well as the physical work needed to project the voice. Her pupils are enriched in the areas of diction, gesticulation, pitch control and general musicality." - Bob Sedergreen, Performer/Educator/Author

Bob Sedergreen

Bob Sedergreen

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"Bridgette Allen is an excellent teacher who has helped me to develop my voice, my performance skills and my personal style. She cares about her students and treats us all as individuals. Her approach is always positive and encouraging and she is expert at using a student's personal musical preferences as a platform for working on vocal technique and presentation. I particularly enjoy the "soirees" she organises where the students get together to socialise and perform for each other. If you want a teacher who will help you not only to learn singing but also to express yourself through your voice and performance, Bridgette is the one." - Debbie

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"I am always astounded by how warm and generous Bridgette is with her time, energy and talent. Having had a long and fascinating career as a jazz cabaret artiste, she now passes her expertise - from healthy vocal technique to the fine art of storytelling on stage - to her students. Her devotion to the authentic true self that each student has inside them is heartwarming." - Benny

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A Huge Thank You For Your Testimonials

Testimonial from Kerry Susan Drake (Producer LDS Theatre Company Melbourne). 

“Here is a small testimony of theatre activities with your participation as director and or singer…. 

Musical talent was always about educating and striving for the best. It was happy and rewarding and gave encouragement. I always knew people were growing in their experience. 

I always appreciated the professional management”. 

Kerry Susan Drake

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